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Super Sisters Sisterhood Society

Sisters Empowerment Network | Join The Movement

Sisters Empowerment Network, Inc. is a non-profit women's' organization dedicated to aiding women and children in need. Each year we provide an array of services to our clients and the community.  


We greatly appreciate generous supporters like you to assist us in our quest to empower, inspire, encourage, motivate and educate.


While all of the administrative effort is currently through unpaid volunteers, we need financial assistance to purchase bandwidth and keep our servers running.


Since Sisters Empowerment Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization, most donations and all sponsorships provide attractive benefits. We accept and appreciate all donations that are either monetary or in-kind. 


Donations may be sent via Paypal, credit card check or money order. 

Every Super Sister Has Something to Contribute. We Are Not About Titles, Levels or Tenures


The Super Sisters Sisterhood Society is a society of women who have formed a close sisterhood bond based on share experiences, solidarity and synergy. We are leaders who inspire, foster collaboration and turn our vision and strategies into action—with focused, clear goals.


Becoming a Sisters Empowerment Network honorary or active member means that you are taking a step in the right direction to tap into the power of an already established organization that’s dedicated to aiding the less fortunate…women and children victimized by domestic violence. Your yearly membership will help support us with our operational cost for our new office location, in additional to our programming and services that we provide to these women and their children.


Most importantly, your membership gives you a platform to raise your voice to help us model a positive environment where women can make their own life choices for themselves and their children that are safe, respectful and healthy. Our focus is to create a unified, diverse, inclusive community where all people are free to live a peaceful, productive, violent free life.


As a member, you are guaranteed access to all of the exclusive benefits and resources that a Sisters Empowerment Network membership offers. On the attached page you will find the membership levels. We ask that you take a moment and view our website at to gain knowledge on all the services, information and resources in addition to the various community awareness initiatives that we offer and provide to our clients and the community at large. 


Awesome, we are so glad you have decided to join our beautiful Sisterhood. We will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss further details about our organization.



Start Fundraising for Sisters Empowerment Today!

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Become a part of the Sisterhood!


Membership has its privileges when you join the Super Sister Sisterhood Society!

Join the SSSS today and become a part of diverse Sophisticated, Sensational, Splendid, Stylish, Superb, Spirited, Spectacular, Sociable, Supportive, Superlative sisters making a difference in our communities.


$25 Annual Membership


Membership Benefits

  • Personalized "I'm A Super Sister" Name Badge

  • Exclusive offers on Super Sister T-Shirts

  • Invitation to activities & events. Personal Passcode to Super Sisters Website

  • Discounts on advertisements in our program booklets


Our Group Offers

  • Group Activities

  • Super Sisters Weekend Getaways

  • Annual Social Event

  • Community Service Volunteer Opportunities

Sisters Empowerment Network | Super Sisters Sisterhood Society
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